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Question: How does video increase visitor purchases and why will video increase buyer confidence? 

Answer: Consumers are 72% are more likely to purchase and 52% more confident in the purchase when video is used for online product information. 


Question: Is an investment in targeted videos going to really make a difference?

Answer: More than 90% of website visitors said that a video helped with their decision to buy. 


Question: If I create short pitch videos, how can a 30 second video be useful in trying to attract new business and interest in new updates or products?

Answer: Video used in email marketing increases click-through rates by over 96%. 


Question: Why is video a way of boosting my business?

Answer: Websites with videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google Search. 


Question: Am I better off just concentrating on Facebook and Twitter marketing?

Answer: 76% of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and Blog integration. 


Question: Does video really deliver web site visits when found during a web search?

Answer: After watching a video 46% of business people visit a vendor website or contact a vendor for more information. 


Question: If I create a product or service video, will the investment in a video be justified?

Answer: 61% of business people watch videos to learn how to use a product or service. 


Question: But does that mean that a video is a viable marketing tool for the cost?

Answer: 58% of business people watch videos to find information on products or services they wish to buy. 


Question: Are the real statics on the use of video exaggerated?

Answer: Every minute 1.3 million videos are viewed. 


Question: When I post a video on line, potentially who sees it?

Answer: YouTube is used by 77% of business for sharing content online. 


Question: When I add a video to my Twitter message, does it help to get views?

Answer: A video is 3x more likely to be shared on Twitter than any other content. 


Question: Where do the most shared videos happen?

Answer: 75% of all videos shared are shared on Facebook . 


Question: Does a video help me reach the Mobil Device market?

Answer: 92% of mobile users share videos with others. 


Question: Will a video be watched by the Mobil Device market?

Answer: 66% of despondences spend more than one hour a week watching mobile video. 


Question: If I am trying to create social media buzz and shares, what kind of video is successful?

Answer: Funny short videos were most likely to be shared (66%) followed by music videos (52%). 


Question: Should I target my videos at the Mobil Device market?

Answer: Mobile phone commerce will reach $119 billion by 2015. 


Question: How much of a difference to the bottom line will a video make?

Answer: Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy, than visitors who do not. 


Question: Will videos make a web site visitor stay longer? 

Answer: Retail site visitors who view videos stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. 


Question: Is YouTube the best way to promote your videos?

Answer: 85% of the online population watches YouTube videos. 


Question: If I just use text on my web site it is cheaper, right?

Answer: 60% prefer to watch a video then read Text. 


Question: But people remember what they read, right?

Answer: People remember 50% more from video compared to 22% with written content. 


Question: What about response rates?

Answer: Landing pages with professional video generate 4 - 7 times more engagement and response rates. 


Question: Give me one good reason why I should spend money on a consumer centered video?

Answer: 52% of consumers say they are less likely to return a product after viewing a product video on a brand web site or on YouTube . 

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Jun 21
FYI About Professionally Produced Web Videos - Study Shows Common Perceptions About How Online Video Is Used In Shopping Are Incorrect

The first-ever comprehensive study on how consumers embrace video in a retail context, revealing that many of the common perceptions about how video is used in shopping are actually incorrect. Conducted in partnership with an e-tailing group, the research shows consumers care more about the quality and content of the video than the actual length of the clip — a departure from the widely accepted notion that retail-related videos should stick to approximately 30 seconds in length. The results demonstrate consumers expect video as part of their shopping experience, and rely on it when making purchase decisions.

"Up until now, retailers have had to make decisions about video without getting information from the most important stakeholder — their customers," a researcher proposed. "In learning from consumers themselves, it's clear that shoppers are comfortable with video, they watch it when they find it, and it can play a significant role in the buying process. This research delivers powerful insight that will help us create even stronger and more effective video content for our clients."

The survey suggests that a variety of common assumptions about video are off-base, as video is far more critical in aiding purchasing decisions than previously shown:

Myth: 30-seconds is the sweet spot for video; shoppers will abandon videos after a certain time because they have very short attention spans.

What the research shows: Length of videos doesn't matter as much as the quality and type does. People don't abandon a video because it's gone past a certain time; they abandon the video when it's not telling them something that's useful for their decision-making. Videos that educate and demonstrate are given the greatest attention and consumers will watch them multiple times prior to purchasing a product. More than a third of consumers (37%) spend more than three minutes watching product videos that educate or demonstrate. 66 percent of consumers watch videos on information-intensive products two or more times.

Myth: The use of video on websites is a "nice-to-have" feature to help improve the user experience.

What the research shows: Video plays a significant role and is a more important investment than many brands realize, given how much of an impact it has on purchasing decisions. Shoppers want, expect and watch videos to increase their understanding of a product or service they're considering buying, and to feel more confident about their purchase.

66 percent of consumers report seeing a product demonstrated in a video makes it much easier for them to understand how it really works. 52 percent of consumers shared that watching a product video before purchasing an item online makes them more confident in their decision and less likely to return that product.

Myth: More casual, "YouTube-style" videos produced in-house can be seen as authentic, and are effective in building credibility and demonstrating products.

What the research shows: Professionally-produced videos with quality lighting and sound matter a lot to shoppers. Consumers appreciate high-quality video production, and professionally generated videos receive greater engagement and are seen as more reliable when making purchase decisions. More than half of consumers (54%) cited a preference for watching more polished, professionally produced videos.

While only 30 percent of respondents indicated they were inclined to buy a product as a result of watching user-generated videos from peers, more than 47 percent of consumers called professionally produced videos "more reliable" in helping make purchase decisions.

Jun 21
Video Key Online Business Asset To Stimulate Online Growth, Sales & Profits

What is the one key ingredient for business web sites that can easily be overlooked but, at the same time, can be a big booster for targeted traffic and online business growth? Video - not only because it is dynamic and eye-catching but because it can be a viral advertisement and/or public relations advocate for your company's products or services.

Video can be posted on other web sites, like, or, downloaded, uploaded to blogs, and all that can be conveniently linked back to your company's site. Video can be your site's ambassador to the digital world, a key online asset that has the ability to transform your web site from being simply a passive destination into a traveling billboard. It can be a spotlight on your company, bringing the attention you deserve or even the increased business you need to grow. This could be critical in the current business environment, the toughest in quite some time.


First, let’s look at some key facts. Studies conducted at the Wharton School of Business show that when using video, comprehension and retention rates increase by as much as 50%. More importantly, customer buying decisions are expedited by 72% with video over print alone, with 6 times as many people preferring video to printed material. Studies have also shown that with today’s Internet and media markets, 97% of videos are watched, and isn’t that half the battle?


Perhaps more notable, a recent survey by Frank N. Magid Associates, Palo Alto, CA, found short professional videos to be among those most regularly watched online, with well over one-third of consumers (37%) who watch these clips online finding them equally or more entertaining than full-length shows available on their TV sets.

“There’s no doubt that online video viewership has reached critical mass, and its growing popularity indicates that online video is fast becoming an entertainment genre in its own right,” said Mike Vorhaus, president of Magid Advisors. “Short professionally created videos dominate online viewing, especially among younger consumers, which underscores the need for brand advertisers to expand their marketing efforts beyond both traditional television and online TV.”


Invisual DigitalTM, an HD (high definition) media production company offers a creative approach that it believes appeals to smart and small business owners alike. Producer/Director Nick Koontz provides some insights on the topic and why video is a critical tool necessary for every business site.


"If you can create a personal link between a business and its customers, using a well produced video to tell a brief, but genuine story," he explains, "the effort will pay off well beyond just a simple return on investment. It will help to build customer loyalty for the business' brand. With it you may pierce a critical barrier between you and the customer, whom you don't know. But now, with video the customer has the chance to get to know you a little better, get a feel for how your business operates. That's a great advantage, perhaps, over your competitors, in some cases. 


“It actually may have more to do with some of the reasons that you originally went into that business. Every business and business owner has a ‘back-story,’ a personal insight into what brought them to where they are today and what makes that business tick,” Nick elaborates.


“Sometimes, what goes on behind the scenes of a thriving business is a story full of passion, or is about people whose names may not be on the storefront. But whatever the case,  I believe that exposing a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes information can strike a personal chord with some consumers, especially, using such a creative medium like video.


Our approach is less about creating a commercial that you might see on cable. It's more about making a brand personal, and that can be an important trigger to a better business perspective, for both the business itself and its customers."


“We also advise on ways that the business owner can fully capitalize on this fine asset, which can actually be done very affordably, and not take up much time, at all. It can be displayed on their web site, a blog, or any of the other video sites available, all at virtually no additional costs.


Interested in contacting us to discuss how video can be used on your web site to draw traffic and build your brand? Please contact us by phone at 908-456-1641 or send an email to Producer/Director Nick Koontz at