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 How & What We Shoot Or Produce   

We've used a multitude of different cameras on event and project shoots through the years. What particular camera we use may depend upon the particulars of the type of shoot and recording required, and there are many options available, including the 4K UHD and HD models mentioned below or a couple of matched Sony EX3s, if required.

Additionally, our production services are completely mobile. We can create a multi-camera studio environment or do portable field recording for almost any situation.

A new addition to our technical arsenal is that we now have Blu-Ray authoring and mastering, in addition to traditional DVD authoring and mastering. Blu-Ray offers the ability to see your project in the highest definition and resolution in which it was produced, not scaled down to DV resolution, as will occur when transcoding to the DVD format. This is critical to maintaining the highest quality, if your project will be viewed on an HD monitor or, even more so, if projected to a larger screen.

Another new addition is our handy and portable jib, which will add dynamic production value to any project. This, along with our handy and portable teleprompting equipment and services are available for freelance rentals, as well as options to our own production packages, complete with our experienced operators. Any questions about these configurations, or any other piece of equipment on this page, or any other type of equipment that you're looking to incorporate within a project, please don't hesitate to ask about how we may accomodate your production needs. We've been in the business a pretty long time and have developed a valuable list of resources that can handle almost any situation with experience and professionalism.

          "WE ARE YOUR VIDEO SOLUTION!"          



The SONY FDR AX100 records beautiful 4K Ultra HD (UHD) footage that will make any subject sparkle with crisp image quality that is unsurpassed. This type of video imaging provides the maximum amount of versatility in post-production. The images size and resolution is 4Xs that of an standard high-definition (HD) image, achieved with the full one-inch image sensor chip, the same type used in high-resolution DSLR cameras. The versatility and state-of-the-art technology provides us the ultimate recording and capture format to be as creative or technically advanced as possible. 
  FDR AX100.jpg
Original test footage recorded with the AX100:





Our Flow Dome light kit is the coolest light kit around! That's because it's lamps are cool temperature fluorescent with daylight color bulbs. So, whether they are being used as the primary lighting source or fill for natural light, they output a perfect color temperature for video without being overpowering and no harsh shadows. Our talent loves them because they don't have to sweat the hot lights that most kits use. We've even used this kit to light outdoor night locations and they really do the trick, putting out a nice soft illumination. These are great for green/blue screen projects, interviews, stand-ups, or to light a set.


We bring near-studio production to almost anywhere, using our portable green, blue and white backdrop screens, available in multiple sizes, depending upon the space available and the number of people required to be on camera. Using the same techniques used by major feature films to achieve amazing effects, talent can be placed, during the post-production process, in virtually any scene, space, set or location. We have a wide variety of 3D virtual sets to choose from or backgrounds can be created from still pictures and b-roll video.

You don't have to be limited to a cramped office space or boring boardroom environment. Instead, you can be in almost any virtual environment you like - a fancy TV  studio, an impressive newsroom location, even a well appointed library, or museum. There are many different virtual sets to choose from. Now you can deliver your message the same way that professionals broadcasters are doing. To see a sample of this production technique, visit the Media & Reels page to see the Kaplan Mobray "The 10ks Of Personal Branding" excerpt, under the DVD Production & Authoring section.

And, don't forget about our '6 months to pay' terms through PayPal! (Think about how that could add to your bottom line, over the next few months ;-) 

(Don't forget to ask about our complete teleprompter services! You don't have to spend hours trying to memorize your script, looking down at your notes, or worse, looking uncomfortable and unprofessional. You can just read your text, looking confidently, right at the camera, just like the news guys too!)


For the convenience of on-camera talent, we are equipped and experienced with a TOMPTER teleprompting system ( to simplify and aid your production needs. This system makes it easy for you or other on-camera talent to present the most professional delivery of long or short text and dialogue, without the need to memorize or try to remember what you want to say "off the cuff." You can simply read your prepared text from the screen, make edits right on the spot, if necessary, and the camera records you looking straight into the lens, the most effective and confident presentation you can make, simple and painless.

Your customized text can be prepared in a simple word processing program, then imported into our versatile teleprompting software program, even edited on site, if necessary. This service requires an experienced production operator. The convenience and results, however, make it very time and cost effective, saving countless retakes, valuable production time and editing to get the results you need to make your presentation the best that it can be. (*This service may also be hired independently, freelance, to augment your own productions! We can even put together an affordable and freelance package of equipment for you, such as our teleprompter and camera jib with operators! Add ease and production value to YOUR PROJECTS!)


 Camera Slider (Featuring Custom Configurations)  

Achieve that big budget look that comes with incorporating smooth-moving camera shots, the result of using a camera slider. Ours is a versatile StudioFX 48" Pro Slider.pngCamera Slider Dolly Track Video Stabilizer by Kaezi, and it provides exceptionally smooth moving camera shots with ease. The StudioFX 48" Camera Slider is portable and can be mounted on one or more tripods - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, as required or desired. It may also be fitted with its own legs to accomodate table-top placement, as well and as pictured to the left. 


flaxy_jib_ff.jpg Portable Camera Jib & Operator  

You can add dynamic production value to your videos and projects by taking it to another level, literally, with our handy and portable camera jib unit. Get those great camera angles, big budget looking moves and engaging shots with a dedicated camera and operator that you just can't get with a stagnant floor shot, or even a camera operator wearing some steady-shot harness or gliding rig. (But, yeah, we have those too!)

(*This service may also be hired independently, freelance, to augment your own productions! We can even put together an affordable and freelance package of equipment for you, such as our teleprompter and camera jib with operators! Add ease and production value to YOUR PROJECTS!)



Our expertise in production spans almost 30 years of experience, covering many different skill-sets both technical and creative. No piece or amount of equipment can substitute for experience, creativity and just plain know-how. That said, we enjoy the fact that we have multiple creative professionals that share many of the same capabilities close at hand, working to put the best possible product together for our clients and ourselves. We are a 64-bit PC based post-production house, providing us the widest array of both software and hardware available.  

Furthermore, we take pride in what we deliver. We've been involved in digital production since its inception, and have not only been users of the technology but instructors and even developers, as well. That means that we understand its complexity and, at the same time, how to make it look simple but good, very good.

So, don't be fooled by the hype of sales and marketing pitches regarding 'this' or 'that' format, or computer platform preferences. Do your homework and see first-hand what our capabilities are and, accordingly, what your needs require. In addition, if you don't see here what you need, do not hesitate to ask, because we are perfectly capable of tapping our extensive network of resources that go well beyond what you see here on these pages.


 Remember, the most valuable media asset is EXPERIENCE

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